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What can I expect?

This is a collaborative process in which you can expect your Coach to develop a positive, supportive, goal-oriented and non-judgmental environment where you can explore and address issues impacting your wellness so you can perform at your optimal level.

Role of the Coach: 

  • Encourage participant self-discovery
  • Foster self-determination so that the change process is led by the participant 
  • Provide concrete tools and techniques to build wellness and resilience

Role of Participant (you!):

  • Come prepared to each session having completed any required tasks
  • Attend each session with a willingness to share, discuss and self-reflect
  • Be ready to commit to change 

Coaching Session Overview

Session One (60-90 mins):  Assessment - In this session your Coach will review and discuss your scoring on the assessments, identify your strengths and vulnerabilities, and determine your personalized Coaching plan and goals.

Session Two (60-90 mins): Purpose - This session will serve to reconnect you with your professional purpose. Discussion with your Coach will include your motivations for pursuing a career in an animal caring profession, your unfulfilled dreams or results, and roadblocks to achieving your vision of an ideal result.

Sessions Three & Four (60-90 mins each):  Emotional Intelligence - These sessions will help you to identify areas of emotional intelligence that are being practiced well, areas requiring improvement to promote resilience, and tools / techniques to foster and strengthen your emotional intelligence. Your Coach will guide you in strengthening your self-awareness, self-management and emotional regulation, social / organizational awareness, and relationship / conflict management.

Session Five: Skills Acquisition and Self-Care (60-90 mins) - This session will focus on your professional development and skills goals as well as your self-care needs and goals. Your Coach will discuss the dimensions of self-care and work with you to identify what is working well and what requires change to enhance your wellbeing.

Session Six: Self-Care and Compassion Resilience Workplan (60-90 mins) - In this session your Coach will continue discussion of your self-care measures, possible roadblocks, and ideas for overcoming perceived barriers. Your Coach will suggest a plan for your ongoing compassion resilience work and personal care. 

Coaching Program Fee: $1,495

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* Follow-Up Sessions will be available on a pay-per-session basis to delve deeper into any of the areas discussed throughout the Program, revisit areas of concern, provide support for navigating through roadblocks, and provide accountability for implementing your compassion resilience workplan.