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Partnering in Supporting the Path Through Grief


VetVine® is hosting conveniently scheduled online Support groups for people who have experienced pet loss, as well as for caregivers who may be experiencing anticipatory grief in light of a pet's terminal diagnosis or nearing end-of-life. 

VetVine® is pleased to be partnering with veterinary and pet care professionals - in a supportive role - to enhance the end-of-life experience and support they provide to their clients.

Why should I consider subscribing to this service offering?

By subscribing to VetVine’s Virtual Pet Loss and Grief Support Service offering you are partnering with a network of skilled professionals who will serve as an extension of your team to support clients through their grief journey. In one study, 23% of callers into a Pet Loss Support Hotline indicated they had no one to rely on for emotional support [1], and as animal care professionals our training is not focused on understanding how to support clients experiencing the emotional impacts of death and dying.

  • Making this service available to clients who are facing the loss of an animal or who’ve lost a pet can go a long way in demonstrating a continuum of care of your relationship with that client.

  • We know that a client's perception of a poor end-of-life or euthanasia experience can lead to client attrition - they may never return to your practice, and in some cases, people may elect to never again get another pet.

What is included in this subscription?

We are offering a monthly, recurring subscription that provides your clients unlimited access to our Support Groups.

As long as your subscription remains active your clients will be able to participate in Pet Loss Support Groups of their choosing at no charge to the client.

  • There is a one-time set up fee which provides for the creation of materials (branded with your hospital or business logo) to provide to clients when offering the gift of this referral. Materials include a flyer and gift certificate (with a Referral Code exclusive to you) that can be printed, emailed, and/or texted to clients. 

  • You will receive a Pet Loss Support Referral Guide that includes answers to frequently asked questions and other tips for speaking about pet loss and this service offering with clients.

  • We will provide access to a pre-recorded video and/or host an online orientation for you and your team members to explain the referral process and what your clients can expect.

What is the subscription fee?

There is an initial set up fee of $75 for the creation of the branded marketing materials we provide for your practice. The subscription fee is $99/month (subscriptions will autorenew each month and you can cancel at any time)*.

*Account set up and subscriptions are non-transferable; Refunds are not provided if you cancel the subscription. Upon cancellation of a subscription the unique gift Certificate Code will be deactivated and any attempted use of that Code will not be honored.


Where do I sign up?

You can activate your subscription by following this link. Upon processing your submission our team will contact you to gather the necessary items to create your branded materials.

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[1] Exploring the Grief Experience Among Callers to a Pet Loss Support Hotline - LW Rémillard, MP Meehan, DF Kelton & JB Coe - Anthrozoos A Multidisciplinary Journal of The Interactions of People & Animals - January 2017; 30(1):149-161