VetVine® is an accredited online continuing education provider for veterinary professionals and educational resource on pet health topics for pet care professionals and owners. VetVine® is powered by veterinary specialists and other industry experts.

VetVine® works to support the wellbeing of veterinary professionals and, to this end, we develop our programs to help colleagues "work smart and live well."

As an extension of supportive services to veterinary and pet care professionals, VetVine® is hosting an online, virtual pet loss and grief support service.

VetVine® Virtual Pet Loss Support Groups are a place where individuals grieving the loss of a pet can convene and connect with others who have experienced the loss of a beloved animal. Group Facilitators are experienced professionals in pet loss and grief support. 

We are seeking individuals with expertise / experience in pet-related grief counseling and support to serve as facilitators of real-time virtual support sessions.

To submit your application and provide a 60-90 second video introducing yourself please follow this link.