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How Mothers Matter: The Influence
of Early Maternal Interaction on
Offspring Behavior and Development

Emily Bray, PhD

The focus of this presentation is on the ways in which maternal style, experienced
over the first few weeks of life, has a long-lasting impact on later offspring development.
We proudly present Dr. Emily Bray, PhD - Post-doctoral Research Associate at the University of Arizona
School of Anthropology and Canine Companions for Independence®
- who will join us to discuss:
  • The association between maternal behavior and later offspring temperament and cognition

  • The association between maternal behavior and later success as a guide dog

  • The nuances of maternal behavior, and how small amounts of stress in early life likely lead to resilience

  • Ongoing research to investigate the influence of mothering across other types of working dogs 

Running time: 55 mins

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