In the world of canine reproduction the factors that contribute to male fertility are largely unknown. Although semen evaluation is standard practice in any Breeding Soundness Evaluation, the relationship between a dog's semen quality and his fertility is poorly understood.  A male of any species may be considered to have good semen quality and characteristics such as sperm
motility and morphology, however this does not always correlate with his ability to impregnate a bitch or ability to sire large, healthy litters of pups.

At the 2017 AKC Canine Health Foundation National Parent Club Canine Health Conference, Dr. Stuart Meyers - a veterinarian and reproduction specialist specializing in male fertility - explained more about our current understanding of canine male fertility and his research utilizing advanced laboratory testing to evaluate semen beyond the standard parameters of sperm motility, morphology, and concentration. This research has lead to the establishment of additional normal parameters related to semen quality and sperm physiology and lays the foundation for better understanding canine male fertility problems as well as better understanding issues related to cryopreservation of canine semen for artificial insemination: