Entropion is an inward rolling of the eyelids. This can cause the eyelashes or hairs of the eyelids to rub against the cornea (the sensitive, clear outer window of the eye) which is often uncomfortable or painful. This can also lead to serious eye damage by causing corneal ulcers or scar tissue formation that can result in blindness - particularly in long-standing or severe cases.


  • birth defects
  • genetic or inherited predisposition in certain breeds
  • eye injury or trauma
  • other conditions that cause chronic irritation and persistent squinting

Entropion can occur at any age and may simply be a temporary condition ("spastic entropion" due to a painful eye condition) or it can be permanent, requiring attention to correct the situation.


Treatment for this condition requires addressing the underlying cause (if known) and "plastic surgery" to reposition the eyelid into its normal state. The objective is to surgically evert or roll out the affected lid(s) by a "nip and tuck" type of correction. This is typically an outpatient procedure. 

If the situation is suspected of being temporary or if the animal is too young for permanent surgical correction, then a temporary tacking procedure may be recommended (rather than surgery) for the short-term management of the condition.  



Surgical correction is greater than 90 to 95 percent successful in most patients. There are several factors that can affect healing, therefore some patients may require more than one surgery to achieve the desired result.