It can be stressful for both the cat and the cat owner to visit the veterinarian.  For many, the stress of the veterinary visit starts even before arriving at the veterinary clinic with trying to get the cat into the carrier and the car ride to the practice.  Here are some suggestions to help ease the pre-visit stress:

  • Cat carriers that contain the cat's favorite bedding, kept in familiar surroundings in the home, can help the cat acclimate to the carrier and feel more secure in it when it comes time to visit the vet.
  • Locating the cat well in advance of the scheduled appointment time is key to keeping the process calm and unhurried for all.
  • Owners can offer treats to encourage the cat to enter the carrier.
  • If the cat is anxious or stressed, notifying the veterinarian's office prior to arrival can help them prepare for your cat and take extra steps to minimize additional stress.
  • Once in the car, the carrier should be properly buckled in, so that it is transported safely and doesn't topple during the ride to the veterinarian's office.

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Contributed by:  American Association of Feline Practitioners