What's VetVine®?

VetVine® is a growing, global online community for veterinary professionals and pet owners powered by veterinary specialists and industry experts.   It's the "go to" destination on the internet for expert-driven information. The place where veterinarians can direct clients when asked "where can I read more about this?"  

Our mission is education-centric.  We're here to empower veterinarians with knowledge by providing online Continuing Education, in our expert-moderated Forums, and by working with our specialists and the VetVine Specialty Consulting Service.  We also seek to educate and inform pet owners about specialty care and services available to them.

Why Join?

VetVine® membership offers you the opportunity to have a free web presence, help consumers find you when searching for a veterinary specialist and also enables colleagues and referring veterinarians to connect with you through our global online directory.

We all have patients, with "special needs," that travel or move - often requiring ongoing care in another city, state or country.  The VetVine Directory is a resource to ensure continuity of care for our clients and patients!

Member profiles feed an online search engine enabling pet owners to read more about you and your professional background when searching for a veterinary professional with your expertise.


Other Benefits:

Join our Team or contribute to our community and:

  • you will engage with referring DVM's in a convenient and techno-savvy way
  • you'll have the opportunity to connect with local veterinarians who might not otherwise be bonded to you through your current marketing endeavors
  • it's another way for rDVMs to get to know you and the services you provide
  • because this is a global community, there's an opportunity for establishing "brand recognition" beyond your immediate geographic borders

Plus, contributing to our Pet Owner Portal provides you an ethical way of marketing your services to potential clients by educating and informing them about specialty care and services available to them in caring for their pets!  


Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities:

We offer advertising and sponsorship options that provide you preferential filtering and an enhanced listing when a client searches for a specialist in our Directory.

Want to learn more about joining our Team, contributing and advertising opportunities?  Email us at:  admin@vetvine.com.