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Non-Invasive Mandibular Fracture Repair

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  • Description:
    Jaw fractures are common injuries in pets that are hit-by-car or that sustain an impact associated with some type of fall. These fractures can also develop as sequelae to pathology associated with periodontal disease or tumor growth in the oral cavity.

    There are a variety of treatment options for the repair of mandibular fractures in small animals, however the vast majority can be repaired with non-invasive techniques using intraoral wire and acrylic splints. With non-invasive fracture repair we avoid the inherent complications associated with implants (screws and plates) in the jaw bone.

    This presentation includes discussion and case-based learning on the indications for non-invasive mandibular fracture repair as well as the techniques and tips for success. Discussion includes: use of muzzles, interdental wiring and use of acrylic, symphyseal wiring, acrylic splint techniques, and interarcade bonding.

    Running time: 28 min

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  • Presenter(s): Corinne Durand, DVM
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