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VetVine® Virtual Pet Loss Support Guidelines and Group Rights and Rules

This is a virtual space where individuals grieving the loss of a pet can convene and connect with others who have experienced the loss of an animal. Grieving the loss of any relationship is an individual experience, different for everyone, and has no time table. 

The session Facilitator’s role is to maintain the group structure, ensure that each individual has an equal opportunity to speak and share during the session without interruption, and help participants adhere to the group guidelines. 

Participation in this session is not intended to be a source of individual counseling or a substitute for mental health care. The session Facilitator will provide guidance on resources for anyone requesting or in need of individualized care.

To ensure that the needs of those who attend our support sessions are met, and in an effort to promote confidentiality and protect your privacy, participants are asked to abide by these tenants:

  1. Session participants shall login on time from a quiet, distraction-free, and private setting.

  2. This is a respectful space where each person’s trust, safety and dignity is a priority.

  3. You have the right to confidentiality and privacy and are bound, by honor, to keep what is said in the session within the confines of the group session. Individuals shall not engage in discussion of what is said in the session outside of the group session, except as otherwise required by law.

  4. Each participant shall have the right and an equal opportunity to speak or share – without interruption - during a session. You also have the right to not speak or share if you do not feel comfortable doing so. Any period of silence is to be embraced and accepted, as silence can provide moments of reprieve and reflection.

  5. This is a non-judgmental space and opinions or advice should not be offered unless requested or encouraged by the session Facilitator.

  6. Each session participant has the right to take a break or leave the group at any time to ensure their own well-being.